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HuaiSong Industrial is a leading membrane keypad manufacturer in China since 2010.

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First of all, as a professional Membrane Switch Supplier, our engineering teams have over 10 years industry experience. Also, HuaiSong provides meticulous customer engineering, can design and manufacture switches. In general, different clients may have a wide variety of demands. Such as the switch design of appearance, color, size, function and so on. Fully integrated their needs with our digital printing and production equipment, economic cost and rapid prototyping technology. At last, after an analysis by synthesis, we will carry out a single solution and overall plan. Generally, the plan includes graphic overlays, the adhesive layer, circuit layer, polyester layer, and some others. Of course, the engineering drawing scheme with basis can be provided. So, do not hesitate, if you have any action puzzle, contact us now!

Providing custom design and manufacture to all customers!


Why choose us?

Certainly, HuaiSong Industrial is able to reassure customers. Usually, we have efficient speed and strict quality control in the production process. As you know, these ensure that we can deliver on time. In addition, the excellent after-sales service improves the customer’s satisfaction with us. Since the company was founded, our business concept is making the customer first, quality first, and creates value together. What’s more, our team constantly pursue technological progress, customer-oriented, and pursue a win-win situation. In addition, we not only provide exclusive service to our customers but also make custom membrane switches for them. Our team carefully makes the products you need. So, they meet needs of our clients very well and are highly competitive. To sum up, we provide a strong competitive condition for our customers. HuaiSong Industrial is greatly helpful to reduce the comprehensive cost, open up markets and create high value-added products.

Production Experience

Our engineers have over 10 years of industry experience in membrane switch design, production, and service. Get customers’ trust!

Training Team

We have different trainings for different departments. Options include the update iterations of technology, staff’s standard operation, etc.

Maintenance & Testing

Allocating a financial budget every year to buy and update the equipment. It also help to ensure the quality and delivery date of our products.

OnTime Delivery

Adopt mature management method to control the whole producing process to ensure delivery on time. Including custom membrane switch production. purchasing and material management.

Screen Printing

We have strict and standardized assembly line production of flexible printed circuits. Dozens of production equipment and skilled operators.

Switch Assembly

Assemble the graphic overlay, adhesive layer, metal dome, spacer, and printed circuit. Our products have a wide range application in the human machine, medical devices, etc.

Membrane switch application scenarios

As we all know, switches are widely used in many fields. Such as electronic communication, medical devices, automotive industry, intelligent toys, and household appliances. A practical case is a remote controller. It includes a screen printed overlay layer, switch circuitry, silicone rubber keypads, plastic case, and so on. In short, our company capabilities include the design and manufacture of the whole membrane keypad.

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membrane keypad customer
They provide us with a very good solution, product support, and after-sales service. And the delivery time is quite punctual.
Jacky Mao
membrane keypad customer
We have been working with Dongguan HuaiSong Industrial for quite some time. And their products are of good quality.
Tony Wu
membrane keypad customer
Membrane switches quality and service of Huaisong Industrial is good. The strict requirements on the production line ensure quality.
Larry Chou


In general, membrane switches are regarded as an important part of human-machine user interfaces products. And they are related to many aspects. For example, the graphic overlay is the top layer of a custom membrane switch. Also, they can be made of polycarbonate, polyester, or acrylics. Both polycarbonate and polyester printed are available with a wide variety of textures and hardcoats. Next, the adhesive helps to connect two layers of membrane keypads. Then, circuits can be printed using silver conductive ink, etched copper flex or printed circuit boards. At last, in order to adapt to more powerful designs, we often use copper flex or PCB circuit layers.

Of course, as for surface mounted devices, the fiber optic is excellent. First, it provides a flexible backlight layer which is combined between the overlay and the circuit layer. In addition, there are two kinds of touch screens: resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen. Second, they have different actuation force. However, the former is pressure sensitive, you can use any object to touch it. Last, the latter works by using the body’s current sensors.

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