Membrane switches have two main types: membrane keypads and membrane switch panels. Among them, the backlit membrane switch is more and more popular. So what are their features? How can we use them to get benefit? HuaiSong Industrial will give you the answer.

membrane switch assembly

1. Membrane keypad advantages

Membrane switch assembly with metal domes is also called membrane keypad. In general, The service life of a membrane button is over one million times. This is much higher than the ordinary silicone buttons’ average life of 200,000 times. As we all know, the membrane key works mainly by contact on the circuit layer. So the service life of custom membrane keypads is mainly related to the circuit contacts.

Usually, the membrane switch manufacturer will print a protective material, such as carbon products, on the circuit contact. It not only can improve its wear resistance but does not affect the conductivity. Therefore, it extends the service life of electronic components. Also, this provides a guarantee of good tactile feedback. What’s more, we often use acrylic adhesive to prevent flaking and position deviation of the membrane switch layer.

The contact resistance of membrane key is the main factor that affects its working stability. So what is the contact resistance? It refers to the resistance value of the membrane keypad loop and the bottom circuit. With the development of technology, membrane switch suppliers don’t prefer the traditional printed silver paste anymore. Instead, they use a flexible printed circuit. By this way, it can be very good to improve the stability of membrane keys.

Membrane keypads have many advantages of low cost, simple process, and good hand feeling on user interfaces. Therefore, they occupy most of the switch market. Keyboards used in daily life are almost membrane keys. The structure is simple. Besides the graphic overlay, top circuit, and bottom circuit layer, it also includes rear adhesive layer and circuit spacer. Furthermore, the membrane keyboard is thin, soft and has good protection performance. As a result, the production cost of the membrane keyboard is about the same as that of the conventional silicone keypad.

membrane switch screen printing

2. Backlit membrane switch

This is one kind of membrane switch, which has a relatively complex manufacturing process. But no matter how complicated customized membrane switches are, HuaiSong Industrial can do them with all its strength. The light source of the backlit membrane switch can be LED lighting, fiber optic lighting, and so on. Take the LED backlighting method as an example, it needs a little power consumption. But installing Backlit membrane switch is complicated. So, what is the lamp installation process of membrane switch backlighting?

2.1 Switch manufacturing process

Other processes of the backlit membrane switch are the same as general membrane switches. Only, the backlighting technology is a little more complex. First of all, the light distribution on the control panel should be bright uniform. In order to achieve this, membrane switch manufacturers always use light guide film lsf. This films technology is great and has features of ultra-thin, luminous bright uniform, and various colors changes. What’s more, it can convert the point light source from LED into the surface light source.

Another, depending on the industry, the number of LED light piping required on the membrane switch panel is also different. Sometimes, it only needs one light while others need more than a dozen. In general, there are two main backlight solutions for installing LED light. One is installed by hand and the other is installed by machine. If there is a fewer light source, you will choose to install by hand. Of course, you will choose to use the machine if more lights.

2.2 Backlit membrane switch installation

In fact, the selling point of backlit membrane switch is the installation of the LED light. The size of the lamp is small. In general, its length is 1 mm, and the width is 0.5 mm. You can imagine, it needs some backlighting technique to install the lamp in a fixed position. LED lights generally function as an indicator on the user interface. So it is important whether the installation is correct or not. The backlit membrane switch has requirements for not only the installation of the lamp but also the flat appearance.

backlit membrane switch

3. How to use the membrane switch correctly

Firstly, the bubble film lined between membrane switches is important. And we membrane switch suppliers use it to reduce pressure on the button. Generally, in order to prevent failure, we should keep it.

Secondly, the transparent film on the front and back of custom membrane switches is to protect them. Don’t tear it off easily.

Thirdly, after taking out a few of the final product, please pack them as they used to be. But don’t bunch them too tight.

Fourthly, the screen printed graphic overlay and membrane switch with hand feeling and the large amount should be packed in boxes. Also, put the boxes vertically to prevent failure under a long time heavy load.

Then, well protecting the outgoing line of customized membrane switches. Don’t put it down.

Next, be careful of taking and placing membrane switches with the display window. And it’s to prevent the material from bending under stress, which may leave creases.

At last, if store the products in a room with normal temperature, you should do the dust and moisture treatment. Furthermore, make sure there are no acidic, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air.

HuaiSong Industrial keeps in pace with the update of switching technology and can provide membrane switch design. If you give us a trust, we can give you the experience of shopping without regret.