1. Why should the membrane switch be proofed?

Before series production, membrane switch manufacturers will make samples according to the customer’s needs. Then, sending them to the customer to check. After that, we will receive a confirmed sample. It is the final reference for mass production. So do you know the purpose of custom membrane switches proofing?

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2. Importance of switch panels proofing.

On the one hand, the sample can be used as a contract between the customer and the membrane keypads supplier. Customers should confirm the final contract sample. Thus, membrane switch manufacturers can produce products according to its color and other spec. In general, it is better to make the screen printed contract sample shortly before the quantity. This is to prevent the sample touch screen from fading and distortion due to the long storage time.

On the other hand, as a reference, the switch keypad sample can help customers to check the various information contained in the document. So, it will be convenient for timely modification of control panels, such as fonts, patterns, colors, and more. As we all know, the color is the most difficult to control in custom membrane switches sample making. Because there are so many factors which can affect it. For example, different graphic overlay materials and thickness of conductive inks will cause the color of the sample to change.

Membrane switch proofing is the process which connects the prepress production and screen printing. Also, it allows users to foresee the effect of final tactile switches before mass production. Thus, it can provide a standard for the entire membrane keypad production process and make a strong guarantee for improving the high quality of user interfaces. Huaisong Industrial is a leading manufacturer of custom switch panels. Always, we design and manufacture custom membrane switches with graphic overlay, printed circuit layer, adhesive layer, fiber optic or surface mounted LED if needed. In addition, we can make membrane switch design and keypad assemblies with metal domes. Any demand, please contact us.

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3. Membrane switch design and sample making

Our company offers top-ranking machine interfaces design and cost effective switch keypads. Also, we provide assembly and custom production of membrane keypads with components. Many world famous corporations, including medical devices company, believe that we can design and manufacture their most demanding new products. Sometimes, customers require products have great chemical resistance, use copper flex material and rubber keypad, give tactile feedback, and so on. All of these requirements can be met.

Some of our engineers have over 10 years experience in the industry. Therefore, we can provide the widest range of custom membrane switches manufacturing and services in the electronics industry. Our business development and engineering teams work together to choose the best design, the right materials, and the most sensible production methods. In conclusion, we rely on superior design and manufacture teams to maximize the performance of our customers and provide reliable, cost effective products.

4. What are the ways of membrane switch proofing?

In general, there are two methods to make switch keypad samples.

4.1 Soft proofing

Soft proofing is done on a color display. Undoubtedly, this is the most convenient, fastest and cheapest way to proof. Generally, it requires a color display that is highly accurate and must be properly calibrated. But the obvious shortcoming of the soft proofing method is that the resolution is low, only 72dpi. Moreover, the accuracy of the color depends on the performance and calibration of the display, and the metallic color cannot be accurately represented. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a reference for the subsequent membrane switch production process.

4.2 Traditional proofing

It needs to output film and make a screen. Then, complete the proof on the screen printing machine. As we all know, the process of traditional proofing and production version are the same. Proofing and mass production use the same file data. So we can find problems such as moire, color, font and patterns. HuaiSong Industrial has high switch sample preparation technology in content. Also, it requires a professional technician to produce accurate and perfect samples.

Potential problems such as moiré, color, and typography can be identified by proofing. Our membrane switch sample preparation technology is high in content and requires a professional technician to produce accurate and perfect samples. Moreover, the labor intensity is large, and there are many processes involved.

The above are two ways of proofing by membrane switch manufacturers. Whichever you want, contact us to make it come true.