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HuaiSong Industrial is one of professional membrane switch panel manufacturers in China.

1. What is a membrane switch panel?

Classified by switch principle, they have two types. In general, they include resistive membrane switch and capacitive membrane switch. Among various technologies, capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream. In the button scheme, it can bring the overall appearance upgrade of the product. Generally speaking, each panel consists of an upper membrane panel and a lower screen printed circuit layer.

2. Common switch panels

membrane switch panel
membrane switch panel
membrane switch panel
flat membrane switch
flat membrane switch
flat membrane switch

3. Flat membrane switch manufacturing process

The production process of membrane panels is similar to that of membrane keypads. And it includes these procedures.

Video of the Whole Complete Membrane Switch Production Process

3.1 Heat shaping PET

3.2 Screen printing

3.3 Baking

3.4 Positioning hole

3.5 ICT test

membrane keypad manufacturing 1
membrane keypad manufacturing 2
membrane keypad manufacturing3
membrane keypad manufacturing4
membrane keypad manufacturing5

3.6 Visual inspection of the switch circuitry

This process is to check whether the line is broken. We can also make surface mount LED as customers’ needs.

3.7 Cover with protective film/adhesive

On the one hand, paste the PE protective film on the printed circuits. Thus, it can protect membrane switch panels. Also, avoid destroy during the production, processing, moving, storage, and use. Thus, they won’t be polluted, corroded or scratched. As we all know, the PE film protects the original smooth and shiny surface. So we can use it to improve the high quality and market competitive power of custom manufactured membrane switch. On the other hand, stick the back adhesive tape on flex circuits layer or printed circuit boards. So it’s convenient for customers to do the switch assembly with other parts.

3.8 Die cutting

3.9 Machine terminals

Membrane switch panel manufacturers use the machine to press terminals onto the wire leads.

3.10 Put them into housing

Workers insert the terminal into the housing.

membrane keypad manufacturing6
membrane switch panel manufacturing 7
membrane keypad manufacturing10
membrane switch panel manufacturing 9
membrane switch panel manufacturing 10

3.11 Insulation test

Test membrane switches including the open circuit, short circuit, conductivity, and insulation.

3.12 FT test

3.13 Flat membrane switch appearance inspection

3.14 Switch panel packaging

3.15 Spot check

3.16 Product storage

membrane switch panel manufacturing 11
membrane switch panel manufacturing 12
membrane switch panel manufacturing 13
membrane switch panel manufacturing 14

4. Flat membrane switch advantages

4.1 Safe and stable.

Capacitive sensing custom membrane switch does not require direct human contact with metal, you can use it even with gloves. Thus, it can completely eliminate safety hazards. Also, unlike the electrical switch or mechanical switch, the membrane switch is more stable. It’s not affected by changes in the resistance of the weather, dry and wet body, which makes it more convenient to use. What’s more, there are no mechanical parts in flat membrane switches and no wear. They have infinite life, so that membrane switch and panel inc can reduce the post-maintenance costs. What’s more, the membrane switch manufacturer can place its sensing part behind any insulation layer. And the layer always adopts glass or plastic as the material. Then, it’s easy to make the touch panel which is sealed from the surrounding environment.

4.2 Beautiful appearance.

The graphic interface is the top layer of a membrane switch. And it always shows on the touch screen and user interface. In general, you have complete design flexibility. So, whether it’s the membrane switch design or keypad design with metal domes, you can make it by yourself. Of course, you can use the selective texturing, button size and shape of graphic overlays as you wish. The membrane switch panel has a beautiful and stylish appearance. It does not fade, deform and is durable. Basically, it can realize the effect that a wide variety of metal plates and mechanical panels can’t achieve. With the reliability, optional design and manufacture, it can replace existing ordinary panels. For example, metal keyboard, membrane switch keypads, conductive rubber keypads, and so on.

4.3 High sensitivity.

The capacitive sensing membrane switch designed for the medical device or household appliance can penetrate the shell. Of course, the shell should be insulating and its thickness can be over 2mm. Then, it can accurately detect the effective touch control of the finger. Furthermore, the membrane switch panel has great sensitivity, stability and reliability. And its high quality won’t change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use. What’s more, the copper flex circuit switch that HuaiSong membrane switch and panel inc designed and manufactured is waterproof and has a strong anti-interference ability.

4.4 Simple application.

The flat membrane switch is actually a kind of non tactile membrane switch. It doesn’t have a tactile button, only has a single chip and very few peripheral parts. Furthermore, the switch circuitry is pretty simple, and there is no need for an oscillating circuit. As membrane switch panel manufacturers all know, its production process is simple. Place control panels according to the schematic diagram, you can get the effect you satisfy. There are switch sensing series with a tactile feel, single button and a wide variety of special requirements interfaces. So, there is no need to modify the user interfaces MCU master program. It is very easy to interface with a microcontroller to implement various touch control applications.

4.5 Free to adjust.

The execution time of touch response and sensitivity can be adjusted freely according to customers’ needs.

4.6 High cost performance.

HuaiSong membrane switch manufacturer pursues safer, competitive, cost-effective products and a win-win situation. We devote ourselves to being the pioneer of touch switch application popularization and standardization.

5. Features of the switch panel

  • Firstly, working voltage: 2.5V~5.5V

  • Secondly, there are two high sensitivity touch detection channels.

  • Thirdly, no need to perform parameter burning.

  • Fourthly, membrane panels have fast response.

  • Fifthly, it has strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability.

  • Sixthly, the switch panel is waterproof and has operation function with water.

  • Seventhly, it has unique environmental tracking and adaptive capabilities.

  • Eighthly, only need low power consumption which typical operating current is less than 25uA.

6. Membrane switch panel application

There is a wide range of application of capacitive membrane switches control chips. For example, remote control, lamp dimming, various switches, and user interfaces in vehicles, small appliances, and home appliance. Inside the chip, it integrates high-resolution touch detection module and a special signal processing circuit. So that it guarantees the chip has sensitive automatic recognition and tracking function to the environment change. At the same time, clips should meet many high user experience requirements. Such as stability, sensitivity, power consumption, response speed, water resistance, water handling, vibration resistance, and electromagnetic interference resistance. As we all know, JN White is a famous manufacturer in New York, US. While, HuaiSong Industrial is a leading manufacturer in China. Our capabilities include every switch part and membrane switch assembly.


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